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Do you enjoy travelling? Of course the answer is yes, who doesn't!

I’m Marcos, the face behind TheListRewards. Originally from Brazil I now live in the London in the UK where I’m lucky enough to blog about my travels and make a decent living from it.

I’m an avid traveller, keen writer and probably the harshest critic you will meet. Since the age of 21, (I’m now in mid 30’s) I have spent my time earning money just so I could travel, luckily for me, establishing my blog is now a form of income and funds my travels. People’s first question is always ‘where is your favourite destination?’ It’s an impossible question to answer!

I’m an adrenaline junkie so my destinations focus on cities that offer me an activity I have never experienced before, whether it is shark diving in South Africa or bungee jumping in the Grand Canyon. 

About Us

“There is nothing better than travelling to a new country, trying their cuisine, experiencing their culture”

I pride myself on being honest on my blog, but my articles are based on my opinion – a hotel I love, you may hate but I ensure my articles are honest and detailed enough that you can make your own opinion. As I mentioned earlier, I am an extremely harsh critic but I think it is only right to be. 

Three years ago I got married and have since had a beautiful daughter. This has enabled me to expand my travel knowledge and share experiences and advice surrounding family holidays as well as solo travel and backpacking. 

I also think it is important to share information regarding travel safety. I’ve had my fair share of scares when travelling abroad and would hate for other people to have the same bad encounters. After so many years of travelling, I also have a wide understanding and knowledge surrounding holiday insurance, travelling with medication, what do if injured abroad and more. Again, I feel after being lucky enough to experience the best of travelling and being able to share that, I think it is only right i share the bad experiences i’ve had and ways people can avoid similar things happening.

Enough rambling from me, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find some useful information … maybe even find your dream holiday!

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