Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

A capsule hotel, sometimes called a pod hotel, is an exceptionally tiny type of hotel designed in Japan, which features several small bed-shaped rooms called capsules. There are no rooms that contain more than one capsule and you can move from one capsule to another very easily. These capsules are extremely popular with visitors who

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Eco-Friendly Hotels

Eco-Friendly Hotels and Tourism | Eco Hotel

What exactly is an eco hotel? An eco hotel is a facility that is fully automated to run on renewable energy sources and that is located mainly in resorts or destinations that are located outside of the traditional tourist zones. An eco-hotel, or a green resort, is basically an environmentally friendly hotel or resort that

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Apartment Hotel

Why Choose to Stay in an Apartment Hotel?

An apartment hotel is simply a serviced apartment complex, which makes use of a hotel-like booking procedure. However, unlike a hotel room, there are no fixed terms for reservations or check-ins and occupants are able to “book out” as they like. Bookings are typically made in advance and most of the time can be done

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Casino Hotel

Best Casino Hotels in France

A casino hotels is a commercial establishment equipped with a casino, usually with temporary living accommodations offered mainly in an off-site resort. Customers get the advantages of both permanent lodging and gambling facilities. Since both the casino and resort are situated on the same property, a single customer’s needs can easily be provided for at

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Classification of Hotels

Different Classifications of Hotels

The term “hotel” has different meanings to different people. For some it can mean a comfortable place to stay, for others it can mean the cleanest and nicest place to stay. But for those of us who have had no problems staying in nice hotels throughout our entire lives, the answer is simple – a

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Airport Hotels

What Does Airport Hotel mean?

Well, what does Airport Hotel mean? It is a term given to hotels that are usually found at the airport. These hotels offer a wide range of services and facilities that help travelers make the best use of their time while they are in the airport. As I have already mentioned that the term Airport

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