Types of Hotel

Experience the Joy of a Rainforest Vacation

Have you ever heard of a Travel Rainforest Adventure? They are tours that cover a wide range of the rainforests of the world. The places …

Travel Tips

Travelling To Europe Is Not So Hard If You Follow These Tips

If you want to travel Europe, the best way to get there is by rail. However, if you don’t have time to waste, you should …


Some of the Best Travel Destinations in the Caribbean

South America is a land filled with natural wonders, exciting cultures, and exotic travel destinations. A visit to the continent of South America provides a …

Types of Hotel

Hotel Types – Full Service Vs Conventional

There are many types of hotels in the world today ranging from boutique hotels to five star hotels. For each type of hotel, there are …

Luxury Hotels

Hotels With Rewards – Extended Stay Hotels

The best hotel locations are located within easy reach of shopping, restaurants and other entertainment options. There are three types of business centers that fit …


Typical Hotel Types in the United States

Hotel Types can be broadly classified by the quantity of rooms in which service is usually offered. For instance, a five-star hotel offers the best …

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotels – More Than Just Rooms

There are a lot of different luxury hotels all over the world, making it a difficult task to choose the best luxury hotels around the …

Eco-Friendly Hotels
Types of Hotel

Eco-Friendly Hotels and Tourism | Eco Hotel

What exactly is an eco hotel? An eco hotel is a facility that is fully automated to run on renewable energy sources and that is …

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