Types of Hotel

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo
Types of Hotel

Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

A capsule hotel, sometimes called a pod hotel, is an exceptionally tiny type of hotel designed in Japan, which features several small bed-shaped rooms called …

Eco-Friendly Hotels
Types of Hotel

Eco-Friendly Hotels and Tourism | Eco Hotel

What exactly is an eco hotel? An eco hotel is a facility that is fully automated to run on renewable energy sources and that is …

Apartment Hotel
Types of Hotel

Why Choose to Stay in an Apartment Hotel?

An apartment hotel is simply a serviced apartment complex, which makes use of a hotel-like booking procedure. However, unlike a hotel room, there are no …

Classification of Hotels
Types of Hotel

Different Classifications of Hotels

The term “hotel” has different meanings to different people. For some it can mean a comfortable place to stay, for others it can mean the …

Airport Hotels
Speciality Hotels

What Does Airport Hotel mean?

Well, what does Airport Hotel mean? It is a term given to hotels that are usually found at the airport. These hotels offer a wide …

Beach Hotels
Speciality Hotels

What is Beach Resort?

What is a beach resort? It is a term that describes the luxurious sandy beaches in many countries around the world. Although not everyone lives …

Urban Hotels
Types of Hotel

What are the Urban Hotels?

What is Urban hotels? Urban hotels are basically the name given to hotels which are located, nestled and/or built in the city or town itself. …

Kinds of Hotel
Types of Hotel

What Are the Kinds of Hotels?

Looking at what are the kinds of hotels that are available can be a little confusing at times. There are a lot of places to …

Stars in Hotel Meaning
Types of Hotel

What Does the Stars in Hotel Mean?

What do the stars in hotel mean? This may sound like a silly question given how frequently we are exposed to them. However, it can …


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