What are the Urban Hotels?

Urban Hotels

What is Urban hotels? Urban hotels are basically the name given to hotels which are located, nestled and/or built in the city or town itself. Hence the name “urban”. The trend of building hotels in and around the major cities started some time ago and has now become a part and parcel of the metropolis’s development.

You will be surprised to know that the list of hotel names in the metropolis starts with Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Suites, Best Western Motel and Comfort Inn Suites to name a few. Hotels like these are in business simply because they provide accommodation and a place to sleep for tourists visiting the metropolis. They do not derive their income from the sale and rent of the rooms and hence the name ‘urban hotels’. They are also termed such because of the fact that they are built in the middle of the city where there are ample parking spaces. These hotels have recently emerged as one of the most preferred lodging options for tourists visiting the city and hence are extremely popular with people who go to the metropolis on a regular basis.

Another name given to this type of hotel is’boutique hotels’. These are hotels that are small and cozy interior as well as exterior design. They are usually owned by individuals who own a business within the hotel premises. There are several of them in and around the city and they cater specifically to the needs and requirements of the tourists, business travelers and those who like to enjoy a quiet and laid back environment.

When you think of what is the best about hotels in a city, then what comes to your mind is privacy. It is the complete absence of a number of hotel staff and even the presence of one or two waiters. They leave you to have a great personal time to spend with friends and family. You can enjoy long conversations on different things that interest you or can just bask in the warm hospitality of the hotel staff. If you like to unwind, then staying in these hotels will give you all the relaxation that you seek from your stay.

Hotels in the city provide all the modern comforts to their guests. The staff is always up-to-date about the available amenities and they make sure you have everything that you need to make your stay comfortable. They also take care of your luggage storage and take the initiative to deliver your luggage to the hotel if it has been delivered at the airport. There are also several restaurants in and around the hotel area, which provide great cuisines to the food lovers.

What is the best about these hotels is that they are very affordable and most importantly, they are well equipped to suit the needs of the business traveler and the tourist. The price ranges of these hotels vary depending on the time of the year and the location of the hotel. During off-peak seasons, they are cheaper. But if you choose to remain in the peak season, you can expect to have a deal that speaks for itself.

If you are traveling to the city for business, then the urban ones are best suited to you. You will find that you get more facilities at these hotels than at the country hotels. However, if you are a tourist, then the country or simple hotels in the city would be suitable. However, the tourist is usually restricted to the hotel area itself.

The location of the urban ones is advantageous for many reasons. Most of these offer easy access to the airport, the railway station and the highway. Therefore, if you are a day-tripper, then you will not face any difficulty when it comes to reaching the place. If you are a night-walker, then you can expect easy and safe parking spaces, convenient public transportation and easy access to shops and restaurants. So, what is urban hotels? They are the perfect answer to what is the best about staying in the city!

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